Monday, February 19, 2018

ARCHIVES PROJECT (Feb. 13, 2018): Joe Fex Donation

We are immensely thankful to Joe Fex for donating his vast repository of Meier material, originally turned over to him by Wendelle Stevens. His donation include:

  • 22 DVDs
  • 7 UFO posters (2 belongs to Billy Meier case)
  • USB Flash Drive (20 GB data; out of which Meier material occupies 10 GB)

22 DVDs contain:
  1. From Beyond (1996 UFO documentary)
  2. UFO Journals (UFO documentary)
  3. 'The Meier Chronicles' documentary - RAW footage
  4. 'Contact' documentary out-takes
  5. Tom Ivony's interview of Wendelle Stevens and Elsi Moser
  6. Wendelle Stevens dialogue wtih Phobol Cheng (April 26, 1996)
  7. Marcel Vogel's analysis of Meier's metal/mineral samples: Extended Footage (1hr:11min:23secs)

And the flash drive with Meier material (~10 GB) contains:
  1. Call recording (probably secret) of Wendelle Stevens with Randolph Winters (April 1995)
  2. Marcel Vogel's lecture (Feb. 18, 1980)
  3. Q/A with Marcel Guesuon on Meier case (Feb. 21, 1980)
  4. NTV's meetings at San Diego (Nov. 18, 1980)
  5. Wendelle team's meeting with IPI (Nov. 11, 1980)
  6. Ilse Von Jacobi Interview
  7. Call recording of Lee Elders with "Prod Brag" on analysis of MIG photos
  8. MIT analysis of UFO sound recordings
  9. Randolph Winters lecture on Talmud Jmmnauel
  10. Billy Meier/FIGU's correspondence with Wendelle Stevens and others
  11. Hundreds of Meier's outer space and beamship photos; and several others
The other half (~10 GB) of the flash drive data contain all the ebooks published by Wendelle Stevens on various alleged UFO-Contactee cases. Also, it contains several other books, photos and research data on other UFO cases and Big Foot.

Joe Fex is the founder and curator of APE-X Research and has had many years exploring the unknown and a lifetime of paranormal experiences. He maintains a massive archive of data and artifacts for public and scientific reference or study. He can be reached at for commentary or research consultation.

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