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More Core Group members claim Meier's group FIGU as CULT-like

Alfred Kropf; left: 15/08/1987, right: 5/09/2010.
Source: OM, pg. 484, 2011.
Silvano Lehmann; left: 15/08/1987, right: 5/09/2010. Source: OM, pg. 484, 2011.

The 28th FIGU's Annual Passive-Group General Assembly was held in the town of Wila (Switzerland) on May 27, 2017, where all the FIGU Passive members from all over the world are supposed to convene. A record of the proceedings was later sent to all members of the FIGU group through snail mail.

On page 2 of the minutes it was mentioned that the long-standing Core-Group member Alfred (Freddy) Kropf (in addition to the ones mentioned much earlier), who joined FIGU since 1981, had also resigned from it towards the end of December, 2016.

Visit BMUFOR, for more information regarding the correspondence between two of FIGU's current passive members and Freddy about his decision behind disavowing FIGU.

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International UFO Reporter (May/June, 1989): 'Billy, no; Ed, yes' by Bruce Maccabee

NotePoints written down throughout the article at the edges with pencil, was the work of the late James W. Deardorff.

Read full article: drive/ufoprophet
Source: Archives Project

Tuesday, December 5, 2017

James W. Deardorff's UFO/Aliens-related papers published in peer-reviewed science journals

James W. Deardorff

James Deardorff was a Research Professor Emeritus at Oregon State University, he held two BSC degrees in physics and meteorology, an MSc degree and PhD also in meteorology. He worked as a senior scientist and then as a research professor in the Department of Atmospheric Sciences. His website TJResearch.info is dedicated to his studies and research into the origin of Christianity and his interest in the Talmud of Jmmanuel - a book Meier published translated from scrolls recounting the true teachings of Jmmanuel (aka Jesus). The website presents the results of 20 years analysis of the Talmud of Jmmanuel (TJ), showing, largely throughout a comparison with the Gospel of Matthew, that the TJ was the original source for that gospel. (Source: FOM)

Title: Possible extraterrestrial strategy for earth
Journal: Royal Astronomical Society, Quarterly Journal (ISSN 0035-8738), vol. 27, March 1986, p. 94-101

The arguments are reviewed which hold that our Galaxy is nearly saturated with extraterrestrial life forms, that our existence requires in hindsight that they were and are benevolent toward us, and that our lack of detection of them or communications from them implies that an embargo is established against us to prevent any premature knowledge of them. An inconsistency is detected, in that any sudden lifting of the embargo in a manner obvious to the public would cause societal chaos and possibly touch off a nuclear exchange, while any communications received via radio telescope would likely be either quickly confiscated by government agencies and not revealed to the public, or heavily censored. The inconsistency is that the advanced civilization should be expected to have planned some other strategy, if it is actually benevolent, experienced and intelligent.It follows that any embargo not involving alien force must be a leaky one designed to allow a gradual disclosure of the alien message and its gradual acceptance on the part of the general public over a very long time scale. A possible strategy for their accomplishing this is proposed.

Read full article: adsabs.harvard.edu
Download: drive/pdf

Title: Extraterrestrial communications
Journal: Journal of Communication, v37, n3,  p. 181-184, Summer 1987

Description 1: by James Deardorff
So far, the search for alien intelligence, in its concentration upon a radio message from the stars, has neglected to search right here on Earth and examine the UFO phenomenon. The prevailing scientific rationale responsible for this breakdown in logic fails to take into account the embargo hypothesis and Clarke's third law, which holds that the actions of advanced extraterrestrials would likely seem to us to defy the laws of physics.

Description 2: by ERIC

Discusses the embargo hypothesis--the theory that Earth is apparently free from alien exploitation because of a presumed cosmic quarantine against this planet--which implies that, instead of being only a few hundred years technologically in advance of earthly civilization, extraterrestrials in charge are likely tens of thousands of years in advance.

Download: drive/pdf

Title: Examination of the embargo hypothesis as an explanation for the Great Silence
Journal: Journal of British Interplanetary Society, Journal (Interstellar Studies) (ISSN 0007-084X), vol. 40, p. 373-379, Aug. 1987

The embargo or quarantine hypothesis for explaining the 'Great Silence' is reviewed and found to be more plausible than the view that, at most, earth might expect to receive radio messages from some distant star. The latter hypothesis is shown to be compatible with extraterrestrial technologies only a few hundred years in advance of those on earth, whereas the embargo hypothesis more reasonably infers that they should be tens of thousands of years in advance and in control of any contact with humanity. Reasons why the embargo hypothesis has received insufficient attention are presented; they involve failure to allow for the application of both greatly advanced technology and high ethical values by maturing societies of extraterrestrial intelligence. The implication of the embargo hypothesis for space development is that planets already harboring diverse biota are ethically off-limits for exploitive colonization.

Read full article/Download: ufoprophet

TitleInflation-Theory Implications for Extraterrestrial Visitation
Journal: Journal of British Interplanetary Society, Vol. 58, pp. 43-50, Jan/Feb 2005

It has recently been argued that anthropic reasoning applied to inflation theory reinforces the prediction that we should find ourselves part of a large, galaxy-sized civilisation, thus strengthening Fermi’s paradox concerning “Where are they?” Furthermore, superstring and M-brane theory allow for the possibility of parallel universes, some of which in principle could be habitable. In addition, discussion of such exotic transport concepts as “traversable wormholes” now appears in the rigorous physics literature. As a result, the “We are alone” solution to Fermi’s paradox, based on the constraints of earlier 20th century viewpoints, appears today to be inconsistent with new developments in our best current physics and astrophysics theories. Therefore we reexamine and reevaluate the present assumption that extraterrestrials or their probes are not in the vicinity of Earth, and argue instead that some evidence of their presence might be found in certain high-quality UFO reports. This study follows up on previous arguments that (1) interstellar travel for advanced civilizations is not a priori ruled out by physical principles and therefore may be practicable, and (2) such advanced civilisations may value the search for knowledge from uncontaminated species more than direct, interspecies communication, thereby accounting for apparent covertness regarding their presence.

Read full article: Researchgate
Download: drive/pdf

Deardorff also published a theological paper.

Title: A Scientist turned New Testament scholar examines basic problems with Christianity's Origins: Resurrection vs. Reincarnation
Journal: Theological Discussion Series (Lutheran Church), March 2000

Christianity's origins are beset with very serious problems that remain unknown to most of its followers. What does a seeker of truth find upon examining these matters? Options are supplied on how the keeper of the faith may deal with the "unthinkable".

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UFOs, Chemtrails, and Aliens (2017) - What Science Says

by Donald R. Prothero (Author),‎ Timothy D. Callahan (Author),‎ Michael Shermer (Foreword)

Read Meier excerpts: pdf/drive
Note: Only Meier case related text was retained. Rest of the information from this chapter (6) concerning other related persons - George Adamski, Frank Stranges, Travis Walton, Dwight York, Rael, L. Ron Hubbard, Bob Lazar - was not included.

Buy: Amazon

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San Francisco Examiner (June 24, 1987): 'Farmer's tales of space travel won't fly with many UFO buffs'

by Keay Davidson (EXAMINER Science Writer)

To Billy Meier's fans, he's a gentle Swiss farmer who has befriended UFO pilots from the Pleiades, a powdery star cluster more than 2 quadrillion miles from Earth. 

To Meier's foes, he's the biggest hoaxer since the UFO fad began four decades ago. 

Meier's tales of flying aboard UFOs with lovely spacewomen have triggered civil war in the weird, wacky world of "Ufology," an international movement whose members slog through swamps and forests, night and day, to investigate sightings of unidentified flying objects or "flying saucers." 

Wednesday is the 40th anniversary of the first "modern" UFO sighting June 24th, 1947 - when a private pilot sighted saucer-shaped objects zip- ping past Mount Rainier in Washington State - and ufologists are celebrat- ing with conferences from Burbank to New York City and Washington, DC. 

Although few are trained scientists, they like to form clubs with grandiose names such as "Intercontinental UFO Galactic Spacecraft Research and Analytic Network, Inc." and "Aerial Phenomena Research Organization." 

But in four decades they've gained little scientific respectability, and some fear they'll lose even that because of the Meier controversy - a steaming stew of bizarre claims, ugly accusations, crude fakery, financial exploitation, "stolen" and "vanished" evidence, and alleged death threats and assassination attempts. 

"If you ever want to see a parallelism to Jim Bakker and PTL, you're seeing it right here," snarled one anti-Meier ufologist, William Spaulding of Phoenix. "I get emotional about (Meier) because I've just seen ufology go down the drain...it just reeks of money, a slick way to make a buck." 

He isn't alone. "The Meier case is probably one of the most obvious hoaxes in the history of the subject," said ufologist Ronald Story of St. Petersburg, FL, author of "The Encyclopedia of UFOs." 

Meier is a "damned charlatan - I wouldn't touch his stuff with the proverbial 10-foot pole," said Don Berliner, an official at the Maryland- based Fund for UFO Research. 

The Meier fad is part of a "credulity explosion" that is helping to wreck ufologists' credibility, said one of the men ufologists fear most, Robert Sheaffer of San Jose, author of "The UFO Verdict." Sheaffer has exposed some famous saucer sightings as hoaxes and misidentifications of natural phenomena. Ufology "isn't dead yet, but it's dying," he said. 

Ufologist Jim Speiser firmly disagrees and accuses Sheaffer of "wishful thinking." But he acknowledges that trying to gain scientific respect while Meier is in the news is "like trying to get a date when your little brother who picks his nose is always hanging around." 

Speiser, of Fountain Hills, AZ, runs an electronic "bulletin board" that allows saucer buffs to rap via personal computers. 

So why on Earth has Atlantic Monthly Press, one of the nation's most respected publishers, just released a book - "Light Years" by Gary Kinder - that suggests there may be something to Meier's claims after all? A book whose sources include an imprisoned child molester and a San Jose chemist who tells ghost stories to plants? A book that, some say, whitewashes what has been called "the most infamous hoax in ufology"? 

Its a strange story that began in the mid-1970's in the green hills of Switzerland. 

Eduard "Billy" Meier, a one-armed, bushy-bearded farmer, amazed local residents by saying he had established psychic contact with saucer pi- lots from the Pleiades. 

He also said he had photographed and filmed UFOs that resembled hub- caps; tape-recorded their noises, which resembled sound effects from old science-fiction films; conversed with female UFOnauts, who taught him cos- mic truths; flew aboard a UFO into space, where he photographed God's "eye" and the Apollo-Soyuz docking of 1975; and traveled by saucer into the future, where he saw the ruins of San Francisco after an earthquake. 

But Meier's "evidence" dissolved under scrutiny, ufologists say. Ufologist Spaulding used a computer to clarify blurry details in Meier's photos and, he said, detected threads holding the "UFOs" aloft - evidence that they were small models suspended near the camera. Also, critics said, the photos of quake-ravaged San Francisco turned out to be copies of an artist's rendering from the September 1977 issue of Geo magazine. And in Meier's 8mm movies of UFOs, the objects sway back and forth as though they were lightweight models bobbing in the breeze. 

Yet the Meier story has survived partly because of the relentless advocacy of his American backers, the Arizona ufologists Lt. Col. Wendelle Stevens (US Air Force, retired), Tom Welch and Lee and Brit Elders. Years ago, they obtained the legal rights to market Meier's photos and other memorabilia, threatened to sue anyone who used the material without permission and built a small publishing industry, Genesis III. The publishing arm sells books and videocassettes (for as much as $29 apiece) about Meier's adventures. 

Now they've landed a much bigger fish: royalties from Kinder's 206- page book, published May 26th. They're sharing royalties in return for giving Kinder access to Meier's photos and other documents. 

Much money may be made by all: Kinder will take 50 percent of the royalties, then the rest will be divided among Meier, Stevens, the Elderses and Welch. 

Sales have gone "extremely well," Kinder said. The best-seller list is in sight, said the book's backer, New York publishing whiz-kid Morgan Entrekin, who paid Kinder an advance of more than $100,000. Bay Area book- store owners say its selling moderately. 

The book has infuriated many ufologists who think it lends an undeserved patina of respectability to a vulgar hoax, although Kinder doesn't reach a specific conclusion about Meier's claims. "Face it, you're in it for the money like the rest of the writers of superficial paranormal literature," Spaulding said in a bitter letter to Kinder. 

"It's been a real ordeal trying to fend off the entire UFO community," joked Kinder, 40. "There were times when I would look at Meier and think, `He's nothing but a clever con man.' There were other times would I would look at Meier and think, `Here is a sincere and warm individual who has experienced something far above his understanding and intellectual capabilities and is trying to deal with it.'" 

The Elderses say they've received threatening letters and phone calls and that Meier has been the target of several assassination at- tempts. They're not disturbed by evidence that Meier faked photos of, for example, the San Francisco earthquake; in fact, they haven't even discussed it with Meier, Lee Elders said. His wife insists that just because Meier faked "one or two things" doesn't mean all his photos are phony. 

To Lee Elders, the best evidence for Meier's contentions is an analysis of metal samples from an alleged UFO. The analysis was conducted by Marcel Vogel, formerly a chemist at an IBM research center in San Jose. In the New York Times Book Review, a full page ad for "Light Years" quotes Vogel as saying the metallic composition was one "we could not achieve... on this planet." 

However, the book doesn't mention that Vogel is a very, very imaginative fellow. In fact, he also has claimed the ability to communicate psychically with plants. 

The 1937 best-selling "Secret Life of Plants" includes an entire chapter on Vogel. In one scene, he attempts to determine whether plants wired with electrodes show a physiological response to "spooky stories." The book says that at "certain points in a story, such as...`Charles bent down and raised the lid of the coffin,' the plant seemed to pay closer attention." 

Vogel, 70, said Meier's UFO movies convinced him the farmer had been in contact with "some form of extraterrestrial intelligence" However, Vogel doesn't regard the metal samples by themselves as proof of extraterrestrials because he didn't have a chance to consult with other experts before the samples mysteriously disappeared. Vogel added that since his plant work of the 1970's, he had founded a psychic research institute in San Jose, employed his "mental energy" to bend spoons and studied the use of crystals to cure illness. 

"Light Years" also quotes authorities such as Robert Post, head of the Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Pasadena, as saying: "From a photography standpoint, you couldn't see anything that was fake about the Meier photos... I thought, God, if this is real, this is going to be really something." 

Or is it? In an interview with The Examiner, Post recalled that several years ago, Wendelle Stevens visited him at JPL and requested an expert opinion on the pictures. Post acknowledges he was fascinated by the images, but was unable to perform a scientific analysis for two reasons: First, he isn't a photo analyst but rather the operator of a photo processing lab ("like you take your film to K-Mart", he said); and second, the pictures weren't originals but rather copies of originals - perhaps even copies of copies of copies. Such multiple copying tends to obscure delicate details, making it hard to detect evidence of fraud - e.g., threads supporting hubcaps. 

In addition, when Post examined some images with a magnifying glass, he realized "a lot of the pictures weren't really photographs at all - they were lithographs," or high-resolution ink prints made from photos - and, hence, were worthless for purposes of analysis. Furthermore, the photos were " a lot fuzzier than the stuff on the lithographs, and I thought that was a little strange." 

For that and other reasons, Post began "to think, `Nuts, maybe this guy is just a con man.' That's not the kind of guy I want to have anything to do with." 

In 1983, Stevens was convicted of child molestation in Pima County, AZ. He is now serving time in the Arizona State Prison and declined to be interviewed. But he did send The Examiner a cryptic letter in which he said a "number of high officials...have taken a personal interest in some of the things we were doing, but they could neither support nor tolerate them officially." 

Stevens' conviction triggered a wave of paranoia among Meier buffs. Some phoned Vicki Cooper, editor of California UFO Magazine in Los Angeles, and said Stevens "was `set up,' that certain witnesses were being killed," said Cooper, who is not unsympathetic to Meier's claims. "I was discouraged and disgusted with the people I was talking to." 

"Its a cesspool out there," she said. "Personality conflicts are rabid in this field...There are hoaxers, there are fraudulent people who are claiming outrageous things all throughout the UFO field.

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The Other Side of Midnight (Nov. 25, 2017) - Richard Hoagland interviews Michael Horn

For over 40 years, "the Billy Meier Story" has been an intensely controversial "UFO case" like no other (so, we're doing "UFOs" now?; keep reading ...).

Because, in stark contrast to 99.99% of other reported "UFO encounters and 'abductions,'" the Billy Meier Case -- almost alone -- involved--

"ET" humans!

This Saturday night (November 25), "The Other Side of Midnight" -- for the first time anywhere -- will present startling, new scientific evidence firmly connecting "Billy Meir" to the full range of The Enterprise Mission's past ~40-years of independent extraterrestrial research.


Startling new data on the sudden arrival, just a month ago, of the first acknowledged "interstellar asteroid" -- officially named "Oumuamua" (Hawaiian for "lead scout ... of a battle party" ...).

Why are mainstream astronomers suddenly, openly, discussing the possibility that "Oumuamua" could, in fact, NOT be a "rogue interstellar asteroid" after all ... but, some kind of "directed interstellar messenger" ... for REAL?!

And, what does ANY of this have to do with ~40 years of "Billy Meir?"--
And ... the planet Mars!?

Stay tuned ....
Richard C. Hoagland

Listen: Blogtalkradio
Visit: TheOtherSideofMidnight

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End of Days (Ep. 73, Nov. 20, 2017): Interview with Michael Horn

Michael welcomed Michael Horn, the authorized American media representative for reclusive Swiss UFO contactee Billy Meier. The Billy Meier case has been shrouded in controversy, since the story first surfaced. From 1975 until August 19, 2003, there have been 632 personal and 748 telepathic contacts with Pleiadian/Plejaran extraterrestrials and members of their Federation. The contacts are still on-going.

Mr. Horn addressed what past guest Peter Robbins, had said about The Billy Meier Case. Michael Horn also put the UFO Community on notice; he is on a mission to bring fourth the truth. Both Peter Robbins & Michael Horn are both respected on the program. Will there ever be a resolution to all the disputes?

Michael Horn spoke about Billy Meier’s prophecies, Michael Mentions how the Meier prophecies, have always stuck out to him. On the news as of late, Devastating Earthquakes Could Rattle Earth in 2018. Billy Meier had talked about this many years ago. Will there be major earth changes in 2018? Scientists say Earth’s rotation has slowed down which could have catastrophic impact.

Listen: youtube

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'Billy Meier Museum' Exhibition (Nov. 11 to Dec. 9, 2017): Chur, Switzerland

A warm invitation by

"Warning to all Governments of Europe"

Mexican artist Cristian Franco scoured the archive of "Billy" Eduard Albert Meier, the enigmatic cult figure of ufology, for his installation. In an artistically conceived installation, he reveals trouvés from the archive of the famous ufologist. The archive holdings are supplemented by artistic interventions from Franco's own hand. Cristian Franco (* 1980) lives and works in Guadalajara, Mexico.

Friday, November 10, vernissage 7 - 9 pm
The artist is present.

Long Saturday, November 11,
exhibition open from 12-24 clock
Guided tours through the exhibition "Billy Meier Museum":
each 15 minutes at 16.00, 18.00, 20.00 hrs
The artist will be present the whole Saturday.

The exhibition lasts until 9th ​​December 2017

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A Different Perspective (Nov. 1, 2017): Host Kevin Randle with Derek Bartholomaus on Billy Meier Hoax

Derek Bartholomaus is the creator of the Billy Meier UFO Case website. 

Derek began investigating the claims of Billy Meier in 2003 when he was part of the Independent Investigations Group (IIG). Michael Horn had started challenging the IIG to “prove that Meier’s UFO photos were a hoax. The Billy Meier UFO Case website was constructed as a repository of various investigations into the claims of Billy Meier. Much of the research has been done by Derek personally. The rest has been published with permission of other people who have looked into the claims of Billy Meier. 

Derek works professionally in the entertainment industry as a Post Production Producer on various televisionshows. He is also the creator of the Anti-Vaccine Body Count (formerly known as the Jenny McCarthy Body Count) website. Derek has not had the time to update either website since fostering, and then adopting, children in 2015.

Listen: youtube

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BMUFOR: Billy Meier’s past tales haunts him once again - Alien Autopsy and Pearl Harbor

A frame from the alleged Alien Autopsy footage, 1947

Meier originally claimed that the body seen in the Alien Autopsy footage was a 16 year old girl suffering from strange disease called Proteria.

Pearl Harbor, Hawaii: The USS Shaw exploded after being struck during the attack on Pearl Harbor December 7, 1941
Meier originally claimed that the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor was already known to the President Franklin D. Roosevelt and his administration but withheld the information so that they can enter into the World War II and also test their then-developing atom bombs on real cities.

Now, what is interesting is that the above stories regarding the Alien Autopsy and Pearl Harbor have been altered in later publications. Altered to what and what does it mean?

Read More: BMUFOR

The Weird UFO Show (Oct. 29, 2017; Episode 1): Michael Horn

In this special first Halloween episode of "The Weird UFO Show," starring UFO researcher Jane Kyle (UFOJane) and GLURP the Alien, UFOJane talks to Michael Horn, representative of the famous Billy Meier UFO case, about what he believes to be the alien abduction "myth" and a secret plan by the US government to portray aliens as negative and threatening, as well as theories about the Phoenix Lights and even Bigfoot! In the second part of the show, UFOJane chats with alien abductee Thantos Poter, who says that despite what Michael Horn believes, negative aliens really do exist and are endanger of invading planet Earth. What do you believe? Share your thoughts and feedback below in the comments!

Watch: youtube

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Wednesday, October 18, 2017

End of Days (Oct. 16, 2017) and Michael Horn Live (Oct. 17, 2017)

Michael welcomed Michael Horn, the authorized American media representative for reclusive Swiss UFO contactee Billy Meyer. Michael Horn spoke about Billy Meier's prophesies and contracts with the Plejarians, as well as the controversies surrounding his work as Billy Meier's representative. Did Billy Meier predict the recent attacks and plagues that have troubled the country? Michael Horn gives us an update on what is new with him, His recent presentation in New Mexico, an upcoming talk show of his own is near. 

The conversation turns to Former Blink-182 singer and guitarist Tom DeLonge. He's partnering with former government officials on a public benefit corporation studying "exotic technologies" from Unidentified Aerial Phenomenon (UAP) that the consortium says can "revolutionize the human experience." Social Media has been buzzing with his “big announcement’. Michael Horn weighs in on his opinion on the matter. Will Tom Delonge actually bring fourth true disclosure?

Listen: youtube/endofdays

Michael Horn Live!
The new, live, hour-long show revolving around the Billy Meier UFO contacts.
You can tune in, and participate, here
In addition to covering all facets of, and answering viewer’s questions about, the singularly authentic Meier case

Saturday, October 14, 2017

Mountain Beast Radio (Episode 1; Oct. 13, 2017): THE BILLY MEIER UFO CASE! REAL OR HOAX?

In this first episode of Mountain Beast Radio my good friend Doug Mackay and I discuss the Billy Meier UFO case! From the age of 5, Eduard Albert Meier, more commonly known as "Billy" Meier, claimed to have been in contact with ET's from the Pleiades. Throughout the years, Billy has amassed a huge collection of UFO photographs, videos, and other pieces of evidence to support his claim. Sit back, relax, and enjoy the show!

Please comment and share. Subscribe to keep posted on next weeks episode!


Watch: youtube

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Midnight Scario (Episode 39; Oct. 11, 2017): 'Billy, can you hear me?'

Tonight Dave and Chris tell us the story of "Billy" Edward Albert Meier, the contactee of the Pleiadian race. The Billy Meier case has been one of the most widely disputed cases in UFOlogy. From photographic to video evidence, Billy has maintained his story since childhood despite the wave of skeptics claiming his case has been long since put to bed. 

More on Billy

Listen: podchaser

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BMUFOR: Debunking Meier's Jakobsberg-Allenberg UFO Photos (April 20, 1975)

Source: Photo Inventarium, pg. 34, 2014

Source: Photo Inventarium, pg. 35, 2014

Apparently, after having fed up with the doubts raised by some of his group members regarding his ET contacts, on April 20, 1975, Meier had arranged with Semjase to provide concrete evidence to his group in the form of a flight demonstration, whereby Meier would also be allowed to photograph both his group members and Semjase’s beamship in the same frame. This, Meier and Semjase hoped would address those group members skepticism towards Meier’s ET contacts. Following excerpt from the Thought-Transmission Report (appended at the end of Contact Report 12, April 20, 1975, 3:11 AM) that occurred at 9:37 AM on April 21, 1975, talks about the demonstration event transpired on the previous day’s contact:

Message from the Pleiades, Vol. 1, pg. 158, 1988
50. In those early morning hours I explained to you that I would offer proofs for certain persons living completely outside the spiritual vibrations and doubting everything because of this, that they could see with their own eyes.
51. So I troubled myself to start the ship visibly before all eyes and to (then) let it disappear.
52. I even tried to fly the ship directly over your waiting friends, among whom was the mentioned person who lacks the spiritual abilities.

As evidence of his contacts with ETs, Meier produced a total of 11 photos from this episode supposedly photographed behind Jakobsberg-Allenberg in the vicinity of Bäretswil, and whose photo catalogue numbers are #100, #101 and all the ones from #139 to #147. And the names of the 8 members he captured on these images are – Hans Jacob and his two daughters Claudia Jacob and Cornelia Jacob, Mr. Liniger, Mr. Leuenberger, Jakobus Bertschinger and two of Meier’s children – Atlantis and Gilgamesha (according to Methusalem Meier1).

For debunking, visit: BMUFOR

Thursday, August 24, 2017

I WANT TO BELIEVE: Flying Saucer UFO from Atlantis Models

I WANT TO BELIEVE is another release in the Atlantis Models range of 5-inch flying saucers.

Mat Irvine: This Atlantis model is not intended to be a ‘real’ UFO. Instead, it depicts the flying saucer featured on a poster seen hanging in the basement office of Agent Fox Mulder, star of the hugely successful X-Files TV series.

As with other Atlantis five-inch flying saucer UFOs, this is a very simple kit, containing all of three components, the upper and lower hull, plus a flashing LED. There are another four parts for the stand.

The back of the box (below) has the very simple instructions. Note the stand has twice the number of parts as the saucer!

However, more interesting is the subject mattter. Although Mulder has always had a poster on his wall, over the series there were actually four or five different ones, the common features being a similar design, a UFO, and text that declares, ‘I Want to Believe.’

The first poster was made by the X-Files props department, backing up a storyline indicating that Mulder bought it at a local store. But it seems that the image used was copyrighted to a Swiss UFOlogist, Billy Meier, so was altered to avoid ownership issues.

The components (below) include a four-part stand, the two-part saucer, and generic flashing LED for after-sunset illumination. Note the card diorama backdrop moves the wording to the top of the image, whereas on the poster, it is at the bottom.

Billy Meier has made claims that UFOs are real, and has produced many images, purporting to prove it. However, most of his pictures seem to prove little more than one thing - that any photo of a UFO must be out of focus. Otherwise, the vast majority of his statements have been debunked.

The flashing LED installed (below). It pulses through red to orange, or from blue to green.

Personally, I reckon the poster UFO looks similar to the Testors Area 51 machine, released in 1995, two years after the first X-Files series aired. Alternatively, all the saucers are real!

The saucer in place (above, below). To more accurately match the poster, you could fix a rod through the backdrop, and suspend the craft in mid-air.

Scale stats
Atlantis Models: I Want to Believe UFO and diorama
Scale: 1:144
Parts: 6 including stand.
Also, diorama backing, and a flashing LED for nigh illumination
Assembled diameter: 130 mm (5 in)
Manufacturer’s ref: AMC1008

SMN note: This model may be an ultra-easy assembly job, but the finished result makes a neat addition to a sci-fi display shelf. The saucer is crisply moulded, and you can spray it any colour you like. Traditional silvery shades are probably best, but a Luftwaffe-style camo scheme would look good if you used it as an addition to a Luft 46 Haunebu collection. The Atlantis UFO is of glue-free Twist-Tite construction, though the stand requires assembling with cement.

Click here to visit UFO Flying Saucers at Atlantis Models.

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Exploring The Bizarre (Aug. 8, 2017): Jim Dilettoso on the Billy Meier Case

JIM DILETTOSO has been a friend of Tim Beckley's for a long time, so there will be some catching up to do on this episode. Jim was the producer at his company, Village Labs, in Arizona and has been involved in the entertainment business, among other things, for many years. Since the early 1970s, Dilettoso investigated and researched UFOs. He was a member of the Aerial Phenomenon Research Organization, founded by Jim and Coral Lorenzen. Dilettoso served as director of special projects for APRO from 1978 - 1982. jim and Tim share stories of the Moody Blues and their alien abductions/encounters, plus ELO, Yes, Emerson Lake and Palmer, all of whom Dilettoso have worked with. . He has also been a special adviser to Shirley Maclaine, Arizona State University, Richard Shaw, Discovery Networks, and the US Olympics. Dilettoso's work has brought him some controversy, especially his work on the Billy Meier case, the Phoenix Lights, and the Mexico City UFOs. He is the co-founder of the International UFO Congress. In his other life, at Village Labs, Jim is a specialist in Image Processing and Bio-Acoustics. He has worked with Paramount, CRAY, Allied-Signal and the group The Moody Blues. Free newsletter at mrufo8@hotmail.com

Watch: youtube

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Coast to Coast AM and Shed Show Talk: Interviews with Michael Horn (August 2017)

 Coast to Coast AM (Aug. 3) 

Listen: Part 1 and Part 2  

Shed Show Talk (Aug. 5)

Shed Show TALK is a YouTube series by Beth & Paul. This dynamic duo look at mysteries, UFO's, mystics, and how humanity is grappling with the unknown and unclassified.

Watch: youtube

Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Dr. Kevin Randle and Michael Horn's Billy Meier Debate Fiasco and Upcoming Exposé

Cancellation of the Proposed Dr. Kevin Randle - Michael Horn Billy Meier Debate

 CEO cancels proposed broadcast debate due to unethical and unprofessional blogs and statements by Michael Horn, North American media representative for Swiss UFO contactee and prophet Billy Meier.

 Due to the unprofessional, unethical and immature way that Michael Horn has been attacking Dr. Kevin Randle, a man who has served his country twice, and who has always been a gentleman, professional author, media personality, friend, voice of reason in the UFO community, and host of our XZBN network broadcast show, "A Different Perspective,"

I am cancelling the proposed debate which was to air throughout our radio broadcast networks other divisions of REL-MAR McConnell Media Company.

As a professional member of the media, we do not and will not promote or condone the tabloid journalism and the disrespectful manner in which Dr. Kevin Randle has been attacked and slandered.

Whether one is a believer or a skeptic, it is this type of grandstanding and immaturity that is detrimental to the UFO community and if in fact, by his actions, Michael Horn has done more to discredit the claims of Billy Meier.

To counter the "pro" Meier show in which Michael Horn was able to present his side of the Meier story, Dr. Kevin Randle will be given the opportunity of presenting the "con" Meier side of this very controversial UFO / ET Case, along with a number of selected guests to discuss the Meier alleged UFO sightings, contact and prophecies. The shows that feature the Meier story will be featured on all our channels, affiliates, and international distributors and programmers.

Dr. Kevin Randle is a retired US Army lieutenant colonel who served combat tours as a helicopter pilot in Vietnam and an intelligence officer in Iraq.  He has been studying UFOs for nearly fifty years. He has investigated some of the most famous UFO cases including the Levelland sightings and series of sightings over Washington, D.C. in 1952. He has been consulted for dozens of documentaries about UFOs and has made presentations to dozens of colleges and other organizations. He is considered one of the leading experts into the Roswell UFO crash of 1947. He had written more than 25 books about UFOs including the recently published Roswell in the 21st Century. Dr. Randle is the host of the very popular "A Different Perspective Radio Show," on the 'X' Zone Broadcast Network, a division of REL-MAR McConnell Media Company.

Please send your comments and thoughts to programming@xzoneradiotv.com. Any information that you have or questions you would like Dr. Kevin Randle to address in these programs, please send them to 20170911@xzbnradiotv.com.

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Rob McConnell
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The 'X' Zone Radio Show: Kevin Randle - Preview of Our Examining of The Meier UFO Case, Billy Meier and Michael Horn

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