Monday, May 15, 2017

End of Days (May 14, 2017): Interview with Michael Horn

Welcome Back to another dose of The Michael Decon Program. In this episode, Michael is joined by The Media Representative for Billy Meier, Michael Horn. Horn immediately makes distinctions between what he calls the "lights-in-the-sky", tabloid-type of UFO stories and Meier's scientifically proven UFO contacts. "While there is now no shortage of strictly anecdotal, as well as completely imaginary tales of so-called UFO contactees, abductions, etc., Meier's are the only substantiated contacts. Because it's the most suppressed - and the most important - story in human history, many people don't know that his clear, daytime UFO photos, films, sound recordings and metal samples have already been authenticated by scientific experts."

Things start off as Michael Asks "why the Billy Meier case", is loved by 50% of people while the other 50% despise the case. By far the most controversial on going UFO case in history. Shunned by those who claim they are out for truth, however how much is that even true?

Things turn to politics and The Billy Meier Prophecies. What does Meier truly believe? What Has Billy Meier gotten right? Paris & Europe warnings. "America Will be Destroyed".
Michael goes on to comment on those who have not taken the time to research the evidence themselves.

Organizations and Groups cause more harm then good, why continue to shell out money for information that you can clearly find on your own, without having to pay a toll for "truth". Michael Mentions the all out suppression on The Billy Meier contacts. Michael Takes us into the evidence.

Creditability is there such a thing left? Michael Horn holds nothing back in revealing the less then genuine names in the "ufo community". UFO Panels and EXPOS... When was the last time anything NEW was revealed?

Here is another Opinion On UFOS,
"Just around the time when he wrote his book BEHOLD A PALE HORSE, Bill Cooper began to depart from “ufology” and was also beginning to hypothesize that “UFOs” had nothing to do with “aliens” but was a manipulation of the government to bring about fear to create a one-world government." (Norio Hayakawa)

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Friday, May 12, 2017

Ted Denmark and Julie Loar on Wendelle Stevens and Billy Meier (2015)

Ted Denmark and Julie Loar

Interview with Ted Denmark and Julie Loar by Jim Walton, discussing the Wendelle Stevens publications on contactee Eduard "Billy" Meier and his story with Semjase and the Pleiadians from the star system Taygeta, including Julie & Ted's own involvement with the 2nd Edition Contact Notes (*Message from the Pleiades*) as well as their own contactee experiences and publications in the *Five Star Series*. [2015, Boulder, CO]

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