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Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Cause and Effect: Ex-FIGU members take revenge on UFO Billy Meier and Michael Horn

Note: Thanks for the Bellgab forum member for originally reporting this.

Ex-FIGU members, who apparently left Billy Meier's group (FIGU) have vowed to make available all of Meier/FIGU/Michael Horn's material online for free. Following is their statement published under the description part of each torrent file:

"Who are we? 

We are a group of ex-FIGU members who once naively believed Billy Meier/FIGU/Michael Horn's tall tales and got deceived by their lies and fraud. Finally we have opened our eyes and left Meier's cult group (FIGU) once and for all. We owe great appreciation to the people behind these following websites: 

Since we strongly believe that this case is a hoax, we decided to share all of the Meier material (books, booklets, DVDs, etc) absolutely for free here, so that you can investigate and conclude it for yourselves. 

Frauds/Cults doesn't deserve to make money off innocents. They need to be exposed."

So far, the four torrent files they shared include:

Torrent #1: As The Time Fulfills (2012) - Michael Horn / Billy Meier

2012 - As The Time Fulfills

Torrent #2Michael Horn's videos on Billy Meier UFO Case - Batch 1 

1995 - Comedy at a Time Like This

2004 - The Key To Our Future Survival

2005 - Standing in Spirit

2006 - Michael Horn at the Ontario Science Center in Canada

2009 - Breaking the Silence

2009 - Is Billy Meier the only real Contactee?

2010 - Do you want the Truth or Entertainment - ASPE Conference, New Mexico

Torrent #3: Michael Horn's videos on Billy Meier UFO Case - Batch 2 

2011 - Flying Saucers Cafe

The Conscious Media Network interviews Michael Horn

2014 - And did they Listen

 2014 - The Spiritual Teaching in Everyday Life (included in the below DVD set)

Torrent #4: Billy Meier/FIGU DVDs - Batch 1



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